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• -•.-. 1 

Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer 

This was a good season for 
the Junior boys despite all 
of their cancellations. The 
boys worked hard all season 
and did their best. It was 
frustrating with all of the 
setbacks, but they handled 
it quite well. Our season 
consisted of four wins and 
two losses. In the Mid Is- 
lands, we won one and lost 
one game. Over all it was an 
amazing team effort. We 
would like to commend Mr. 
Williams for his time and 
dedication to the team. And 
to Ms. Smith, thank you for 
pushing us to do our best 
and for being there to help 
us when we were down. The 
boys showed great spirit 
and are looking towards a 
promising season next year. 
Good luck. 

— Brad Johnstone 


Matt contemplates all the major 
angles before he putts. 

Will chips the ball on the green 
with ease. 

Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer Golf Junior Soccer 

Ready, set, kick!! Junior prepares 
for a shot on goal. 

Ms. Smith and Enrique race for 
the ball as Kerr lazily stays be- 

Tomoki concentrates on where he 
will shoot the ball next. 

It was a great pleasure to be a part 
of such a great group of people 
this year. During the last four 
years that I've played golf at 
Shawnigan, I don't think we've 
ever had such a talented group. 
The competitive team of Sterling, 
Peter, Sean, and Jordan played ex- 
ceptionally as Shawnigan quali- 
fied for the Island Championships 
for the first time. Unfortunately 
we missed qualifying for the 
Provincials by a few shots. 
We had many highlights, espe- 
cially our trip to Mount Washing- 
ton and Campbell River. With 
such a young core of players I'm 
confident that with the aid of 
Gordy's instruction, Mr. 
Connolly's pep talks, and Mr. 
Fraser's ability to get us out of 
class, next years team can only 
improve. Although tournament 
and competition play are a large 
part of our program, there is also 
a component of recreational play 
and skill development. As men- 
tioned, we have had a unique 
group and each person brought 
various attributes. I would be re- 
miss if I didn't mention our, "mob 
squad," including our truly hard- 
core golfers Russell, Matt, Gair, 
Nathan and Alison, when she felt 
like coming. The number of girls 
increased with the addition of 
Christina and Julie. I'm sure this 
will only entice Mike Evans to 
stay with the program. I would 
like to thank Mr. Fraser, Mr. 
Connolly, and Mr. Noble for guid- 
ing the golf program at 
Shawnigan. Since my Grade 9 
year it has nearly doubled in size 
and each year we are more 
skilled, competitive and success- 
ful. I'm confident that the program 
will continue to grow and succeed 
in the years ahead. I would also 
like to express my best wishes to 
Peter Kemp in regards to his 
LPGA career. 

— Omar Mawjee 


Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis 

Although it is not the marquee 
sport in school, nor the most 
followed, competitive tennis 
at Shawnigan continues to sur- 
pass all expectations and suc- 
ceed. Equipped with strong 
veterans of the tennis program 
and the aid of newly-arrived 
prospects, the team came to- 
gether to seek a common goal, 
a provincial placement. This 
year's squad was one of the 
most able and talented teams 
in years. With the superb tac- 
tical coaching of Shawnigan 
tennis veteran, Mr. Candelaria, 
and the technical expertise of 
the newly acquired Mr. Mor- 
row, the senior competitive 
group finished second on the 
Island and earned its place in 
the provincial championships. 
We went on and achieved sec- 
ond place, losing a tight final 
rounr to a very strong 
Brentwood team. Enormous 
gratitude is due to our fine 
coaches for all the time and 
energy they exerted for the 
team and the program. So, on 
behalf of the entire team, 
thank you. This season will 
be remembered for its ridicu- 
lous humour, courtesy of 
newly arrived Patrick 
Rhinehart and the awkward- 
ness of Mr. Candelaria's extra 
comments. We would like to 
wish the remaining members 
of the team good luck in the 
future. The team promises to 
be very capable for years to 

— Yuichi Levinson 
& Britt French 

Marcus and Eric team up for a 

Sheridan concentrates, unaware 
of what might happen. 

Back row: Mr. S. Candelaria, N. Junmohamed, M.Kunzweiler, 
A. Buchanan, P. Rinehart, E. Bosenberg, C. Woo, Mr. K. Morrow 
Middle row: M. Purtzki, T. Tsai, M. Kean, Y. Levinson, B. French, 
K. McCourt, E. Groot, G. Kittiampon Front row: C. Shieh, 
S. Candelaria, E. Springgay 

Mr. Robinson devotes all his 
attention to the game. 

Senior Tennis 

Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis Senior Tennis 

Mr. Candelaria and Tina chat 
between matches. 

Spencer wishes Yuichi good 
luck before the next game. 

Naheed, Elaine, Yuichi and Jesse 
take in the scene from the play- 
ers' bench. 

The Meaning of 

Tennis may seem like a 
sport involving a ball and 
a racquet. The point? To 
get the ball clear across 
the net before it bounces 
on the court more than 
once. Anyone could play 
the game known as tennis. 
This is not the case with 
the Shawnigan Lake Sen- 
ior Tennis Team. A ball 
and a racquet are merely 
"utensils" in this game. 
Power, strength, endur- 
ance, stability, teamwork 
and technique are just a 
few of the qualities you 
need. Over the term, 
Shawnigan Lake has done 
extremely well in all these 
elements, and the can ex- 
pect to reach a more su- 
perior level next year. 

— Sarah Peters 

Senior Tennis 

Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior 

This has proved to be a most 
successful season for the 
Junior Tennis programme. 
The popularity of the sport 
was clearly evident at the 
beginning of the term when 
large numbers signed up to 
play. The competitive group 
comprised a good mix of 
experienced players and 
new players with excellent 
potenial. It was particularly 
encouraging to note the 
number of younger boys 
and girls who really im- 
proved their skills over a 
relative short period of time. 
Our major competition 
came at the Independent 
Schools' Tournament held 
in Vancover this year. We 
entered two boys' team and 
one girls' team. The boys' 
"A" team, consisting of 
Sheridan Candelaria, Matt 
Kunzweiler, Davin Garg, 
Sean Buchanan and Jae- 
Young Kwon proved to be 
too strong for the opposition 
and were successful in fin- 
ishing as Tournament 
Champions after defeating 
St. George's in the final. In 
spite of their inexperience 
the girls' team of Holly 
Wong, Hannah Davies, 
Dawn Ngai, Fiona 
Dalrymple, Corrine Woo 
and Natalie Hill) acquitted 
themselves very well and 
narrowly lost the final in a 
tie-breaker to Crofton. This 
depth of talent augurs well 
for the future of Shawnigan 

— Mrs. L. Grass 

Davin leans into his second 

Jess waits for the ball to come 
to her. 

It looks to me that Katie is 
saluting the game of tennis. 

Junior Tennis 

Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Junior 

Graeme must not have made it 
to the shower this morning. Bad 
Hair day. 

Duncan Campbell gets ready 
for one winning serve. 

Back row: Mr. S. Candelaria, N. Janmohamed, M.Kunzweiler, A. Buchanan, P. 
Rinehart, E. Bosenberg, C. Woo, Mr. K. Motrow Middle row: M. PurtzM, T. 
Tsai, M. Kean, Y. Levinson, B. French, K. McCourt, E. Groot, G Kittiampon 
Front row: C. Shieh, S. Candelaria, E. Springgay 


Back row: Mr. D. Austin, D. Danychuk, P. Chiang, E. Cheng, J. Brown, M.Smith 
S. Buchanan, E. Y-T. Cheng, Mrs. L. Grass Middle row: T. Wills, D. Caulder, 
D. Garg, D. Denk, F. Chong, F. Daliymple, K. Rolston, G. Johnstone Front row: 
J-YKwon, H. Davies, D. Campbell, D. Ngai, H.Wong, J. Poupard. N. Hill. 

Sean hits another serve while 
Jae-Young waits for his turn. 

Eric is ready and waits to return 
a rocket serve. 

Natalie streches for an awsome 

Junior Tennis 

Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby 

The Senior Girls' Rugby team 
had an amazingly successful sea- 
son. We kicked it off with our 
United Kingdom tour to Wales, 
Scotland and England. While we 
enjoyed playing rugby against 
some challenging women's sides 
I think that the experience 
brought the team closer and that's 
the most important aspect of 
rugby. On our return we played a 
number of games against Island 
teams and we were undefeated 
until Carson Graham came over 
from the Mainland. Our rivals 
down the road (Cowichan High) 
were quite surprised when we 
overwhelmed them for the first 
time in two years and we contin- 
ued to dominate them all season. 
The Island Championships were 
held at Shawnigan this year and 
needless to say we beat 
Cowichan in the Final making us 
Island Champions. The perform- 
ance and dedication by the play- 
ers were outstanding. Our season 
was quickly coming to a close as 
we prepared for our last efforts 
as a team at the B.C High School 
Championships, this year held at 
Semiahmoo High School in 
South Surrey. In our first game 
we played Abbotsford and we 
won, which led us to play 
Semiahmoo on the Thursday. Af- 
ter a gruelling and frustrating 
game we managed to come out 
on top and that meant we were to 
play Gleneagle High School, the 
defending champions. Gleneagle 
was clearly the better team but 
Shawnigan played with determi- 
nation and courage. After their 
win Gleneagle later went on to 
win the tournament. We for 3rd 
and 4th place with none other 
than Cowichan. The girls played 
with their hearts and their pride 
and after the most intense game 
of the year for the players (prob- 
ably the coaches as well) we 

came away with a well deserved Back: Mr M Felix < M Philli P s - a Maimer. A. Sutton. A. Beecroft, K. Heaton, Mr. J. 
win 17-10 We were very proud Sar ^ eld ' S - Brown ' H - Cam Pbe/l. A. Karma/i. L. El-Guebafy, Mr. M. Wyatt Middle: M. 

that Mikaela Renhin wa< <e Reuben, S. Davies, S. O'Mahoney, D. Thompson. /.Houston.! Ulmer. S. Siu. J. Vane 
hat Mikaela Keuban was se- Frmt . M Charleson L Tsaj j £ffiy Q Bmwn Q ^^ £ ^ ^ 

lected to the President s XV. 

Mr. Hyde-Lay makes a call giv- 
ing possession to Shawnigan. 

Girls Rugby 

Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby Girls Rugby 

A Shawnigan player runs with 
amazing speed while Kira stays 
behind ready to help. 

Dezirae tries to manoeuvre 
around the opposing team. 

The season was wonderful, but 
short and I know that the Grade 
12's are leaving the team in good 
hands. Finally to the veterans of 
the squad: Thank you to Shannon 
who put in 110% and was one of 
the driving forces of the forwards 
pack. To Sylvia, you proved that 
you don't have to be big to play 
the game. To Sarah, thank you for 
keeping the backs together and 
for playing with such heart. 
Thank you to Jasmin for having 
that incredible speed and for her 
dedication to the team. The Jun- 
iors this year have shown great 
promise as they moved up the 
ranks towards the Senior team. 
Although they didn't have many 
games this season they were al- 
ways willing to sub into some of 
the Senior games. A huge thank 
you to our coaches, Mr. Felix and 
Mr. Wyatt, you did an excellent 

— Devon Thompson 


Shawnigan runs through the op- 
position as they score another try. 

Girls Rugby 

1 st. XV Rugby 2nd. XV Rugby 1 st. XV Rugby 2nd. XV Rugby 1 st. XV Rugby 2nd. XV Rugby 

Rugby is the best sport in 
the world - or so Mr. Samuel 
will tell you, along with a 
huge smile! The season 
proved to be a brilliant one, 
full of many memorable 
moments that can be fondly 
looked back upon. The 
U.K./Ireland Tour granted 
the team countless good 
times and shared laughs. Of 
course, the exceptionally 
successful year came full of 
remarkable victories, 
namely Brentwood! The 
First XV showed courage 
and pride and represented 
the Black and Gold to their 
greatest potential. Special 
thanks to the inspiring Mr. 
Samuel and the very tal- 
ented Mr. Patel for pouring 
their hearts and souls into 
the rugby program and play- 
ers. On behalf of the team I 
would like to sincerely 
thank the entire school for 
their enthusiastic support. 
Best of luck to the boys next 
year and may Shawnigan 
reign supreme for years to 

— Matt McLure 
Captain 1st XV Rugby 

Earl has a good view of the 
game from up high. 

Shawnigan grabs for the ball. 

Kurtis and the team demon- 
strate the concentration needed 
for winning rugby. 

1st. XV Rugby 




■ - . 


* • 


-J V 



r> - 

James and the guys wait 
anxiously to get into the game. 

Practice makes perfect. The 1st 
XV polish their skills. 

1st. XV Rugby 2nd. XV Rugby 1st. XV Rugby 2nd. XV Rugby 1st. XV Rugby 2nd. XV Rugby 

The year couldn't have started 
off better with our tour over to 
the UK. There, we played five 
really tough games against 
teams that have played all their 
lives. We came away with one 
win but the other games were 
narrow losses. We came back 
to Shawnigan with a great- 
looking team. We had some 
excellent games against SMU 
and Salt Spring but unfortu- 
nately, due to some injuries 
early in the season, we had 
some tough losses to good 
teams. The boys stepped up 
to the challenges before them 
and we performed quite well 
under the circumstances. 
Though there weren't many 
Grade 12's on the team this 
year, the Grade 11 's showed 
strong leadership. The Grade 
10's played extremely well and 
will be a good addition to the 
team next year. And where 
would we be without Jeremy's 
explosions in the scrums and 
the rucks and our dynamic 
wingers Spence and Night- 
mare? Despite the ups and 
downs of our season the 
Shawnigan 2nds had a great 
time playing whenever they 
stepped onto the field. We 
would also like to thank our 
coaches Mr. Hall, Mr. Samuel 
and Mr. Patel for all their time 
and effort. Oh yeah, whatever 
happened to our other coach, 
Mr. Burley? Good luck to the 
boys and I hope you have a 
really successful season next 

-James Excell 
2nd IX Rugby 

Back row: T. Aylwin, H. Leighton, M. Newton, A. Martinez, 
H. Wallace, J. Scott, E. Lech', M. Kim, J. Meldrum, P. Saroka, 
J-P. Duplessis, Mr. M. Hall Middle row: B. Tweedie, R. Davis, 
B. Wills, J. So, J. Excell (captain), E. Murdoch, S. Dembiske, 
J. Castro, R.Seok Front row: J. Lopez-Baird, E. De la Mare, 
D. Evans, S. McCrady, T. Cape, S. Decor by. 

2nd. XV Rugby 

Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors Outdoors 

The outdoors term has been 
exceptional! With a large 
variety of personalities and 
talents we have become a 
cohesive group capable of 
living in the B.C. rain for 
days on end. We have taken 
a variety of different courses 
throughout the last two and 
a half months. We are now 
certified in CPR, boat driv- 
ing and we can communi- 
cate with radios legally. Mr. 
Yates and Ms. Woollven 
have taken us on two inter- 
esting trips where we saw 
spectacular views and en- 
countered wildlife such as 
baby seals and whales. 
Thank you to them for mak- 
ing everything from chal- 
lenge runs to kayak/canoe 
frisbee an integral and en- 
joyable part of the last term 
of this year! And to Charlie, 
thanks for all of those great 

Lindsey Munday turns around 
for her picture. 

Lindsey Mc Done 11 advertises 
the Shawnigan kayaks. 

-Bethany Jones I 



Ben and Stewart look dissatisfied with their meal. 

Ms. Woollven takes a rest after 
setting up camp. 

Laura Macdonald smiles as she 
l_ enjoys the beach. 



Rowing Rowing Rowing Rowing Rowing Rowing Rowing Rowing Rowing Rowing 

Who Would Have 


How did 9 get into row- 
ing? Well its kind of a 
funny story. 9 started 
my summer sport in 
rec- tennis then 9 got 
put on the lA/ilberforce. 
After finishing my pun- 
ishment on Wither 9 
was told 9 was not al- 
lowed to go into rec- ten- 
nis because 9 need a 
"structured" sport. So, 9 
had to choose between 
Rowing and Rugby. 9 
chose Rugby. There 9 
went to two practices 
and decided it wasn 'tfor 
me. 9 had no other 
choice than to go into 
Rowing. 9t's actually 
quite ironic though, 'cuz 
9 was dreading going 
into it, but now 9 realize 
it's a lot of fun. /Ill the 
people work together as 
a team. The regattas 
and even the dedication 
all make it a great sport. 
Rowing offers great op- 
portunities, for example 
it can lead to College 
scholarships. 9 think 
that rowing will be my 
sport for years to come 

— Kajsa Cjustavson 

Jeremy andArjun get the boat 
ready for their next race. 

Mr. Loiselle looks for the on- 
coming boats. 

Up go the tents at the Shawnigan Regatta. 



Group Picture. 

Liz, Christine and Jenna cuddle 
up at Saint Kit's. 

Sam, Peter, Tristin and Kippy 
smile for the camera. 

Mrs. Stapff is proud of her sen- 
ior boys. 

Meredith, Anna, Liz and Christy 
are ready for a night on the town. 



A peaceful sail after a hard days Brock sets sail to a classroom 
work. away from school. 

Grade 8 Sailing 

Ken and Mia entertain Lani, Jenny 
and Heather with their guitars. What 
did you do to your knee, Heather? 

The group gets ready to speak 
French for two days after getting off 
the ferry at Thetis Island. 

Mia, Graeme andAlana have enjoyed 
a great French meal. 

Graeme, you're supposed to be wash- 
ing dishes not Zac. 

i^ 3Wss *H. 

Vive lefrangais 

Du 16 au 18 avril 2000, 27 eleves et 4 professeurs de 
francais sont partis a 1' lie de Thetis pour le voyage 
d' immersion francais. Nous sommes restes a un beau camp 
qui s'appelle Camp Columbia. Le but du voyage etait de 
parler frangais autant que possible. Pendant 48 heures, on 
ne parlait que francais. II etait difficile, mais tout le monde 
faisait un bon effort pour s'exprimer en francais. Le pre- 
mier soir, nous avons decore en rouge, bleu et blanc la salle 
a manger ou nous avons eu un grand repas francais. De 
l'entree au dessert, nous avons tout prepare nous-meme, 
et il etait tres delicieux. Nous nous sommes amuses 
beaucoup dans les activites comme pictionnaire, chasse au 
tresor, Capturer le Drapeau, le volley, le baseball, le spec- 
tacle de marionnettes, etc. Grace a Mme Leary, Mme 
Boulais, M. Detchon et M. Hyde-Lay, le voyage etait un 
succes. Merci ! 


French trip 


Kurtis and Sam get ready to head 
up the procession into chapel 

It was pretty hot in the main gardens for the graduating class but it was probably all worth it. 


Mr. Hyde-Lay is determined to keep his cool 

Some of the lucky book-prize winners. 

Eric looks pleased with his prize for the 
Yearbook activity. 

Academic and Fine Art Awards ~ June 2000 






Art, Junior 

A. Chieh 

Junior (Grades 8, 9 and 1 0) 

K. Heaton 

Science 8 

J.M. Lee 

Art, Senior 

M.N. Finlayson 

Senior (Grades I I and 12) 

P.N.I. Legun 

Science 9 

J.K. Brown 

Computer Graphics, Jr. 

M.A. Raven 


Science 10 (Pletcher Prize) 

J. A. Scheske 

Computer Graphics, Sr. 

R.R.A. Holman 


Biology 1 1 (Binkley Prize) 

J.L. Rolston 

Photography, Jr. 

A.J. Ayotte 

English 8 "Savage Prize" 

K.D.C. Lafferty 

Physical Sciences 1 1 

A. Chang 

Photography, Sr (Irene Lane Prh 

•e) M.J. Hamilton 

English 9 "Savage Prize" 

J.K. Brown 

G. Housser 

Yearbook, Jr. 

E. Cheng 

English 1 "Savage Prize" 

E.P.F. Bouey 

Biology 12 

W. G. Wamock 

Yearbook, Sr. 

B.J. Jones 

English 1 1 "Savage Prize" 

J. McGavin 

Chemistry 12 

S.E. O'Mahoney 

Writing for Performance 

M.N. Phillips 

Physics 12 

D.R.D. Parsons 


Writing 12 

D.R.D. Parsons 

Todd Ellner Natural Sciences Prize 

G. C. Birkbeck 

Fashion Design 

C. Goupil 

English 12 "Savage Prize" 

P.N.I. Legun 

Bausch And Lomb Award 

A. Chang 

Pottery, Jr. 


W. 0. Mitchell Prize 

E. d'A Murdoch 

Science Council of B.C. Award 

M. A. Ritchie 

Pottery, Sr 

K. L. McCourt 

English Literature 12 

M.C. Carter 

Sculpture, Jr. 

J. K. Brown 


Sculpture, Sr. 

J. J. A. Ulmer 


Social Studies 8 

D. A. Danychuk 

Stained Glass, Jr. 

E. Chang 

Information Technology 1 1 

J.L. Rolston 

Social Studies 9 

D.L.D. Cape 

Stained Glass, Sr. 
Textile Arts, Jr. 

N.J. A. Amies 
S. A. Laudisio 

Computer Science 1 2 

P. Rokeby-Thomas 

Essential Literacy 9 

P.R. Hunter 

Textile Arts, Sr. 
Woodwork, Jr. 

D.W. Evans 


Social Studies 10 

R.D. O'Leary 

M. G. Kunzweiler 

Woodwork, Sr. 

1. Macdonald 

Mathematics 8 

J.M. Lee 

Social Studies 1 1 

G. Housser 

Mathematics 9 

D.L.D. Cape 

Pre-AP European History 

N.J.J. Sihota 


Mathematics 10 

S. Liu 

Earth Science 1 1 

N. M. Kenyon 

Heather and Gordon Payne Prize 

J. A. Dickens 

Mathematics 1 1 

H. Wong 

Todd Ellner Social Sciences Prize 

M.G. Kunzweiler 

Choir, Jr. 

K.M. Baskin 

Mathematics 12 

P.N.I. Legun 

Geography 12 

D.M.K. Garg 

Choir, Sr. 

I.J. Cooper 

Calculus 12 

M.A. Richie 

Comparative Civilization 12 

Y. E. Levinson 

Musical Drama, Jr. 

J. Luckhurst 

History 12 

N.A Bledsoe 

Musical Drama, Sr. 

M.H. Phillips 


AP European History 

M.C. Carter 

Thomas Award for Excellence 

French 8 

P.W. Marsden 

Economics 12 

M.E. Wilson 

in Theatrical Peiformance 

R. J. Aune 

French 9 

J.K. Brown 

Governor General s Canadian 

Oxley Drama Prize 

J. A. Dickens 

French 10 

P.P. Wurr 

Histoiy Medal for the Millennium 

S. Chang 

Davies/Grey Award for 

French 1 1 

H. Wong 

Dramatic Arts 

A. D. de Leon 

French Immersion, Sr. 

D.M.K.. Garg 


Instrumental, Jr. 
Instrumental, Sr. 

D.J.B. Connolly 
M.S. Bhatti 

Francais Langue 12 

E.P.F. Bouey 

Stagecraft 1 1 

C.G. Ramsay 

Ward Music Trophy 

T. Tsai 

French 12 
Beginners Spanish 1 

M.E. Keen 
R. Seok 

Stagecraft 12 

J. Melo-Mathiesen 


Spanish 1 1 

A.M. Palubiski 


Spanish 12 

M.E. Keen 

Woodwork 10 

D.P.E. Erickson 

Dance, Jr. 

C.L. Yole 

Dance, Sr. 




Debate, Jr. 

J.M. Neat 

Debate, Sr. 

D. Dakin 

Music 9 

C. Woo 

Peter Piddington Memorial Priz 


Hector Macintosh Citations 

M Keen, O. Mawjee 

Concert Band Senior 

A. Chang 

Grade 8 

J. P. O'Mahoney 

Syzmanis Cup 

C.A. Vopel 

Senior Jazz Band 

J. J. A. Ulmar 

Grade 9 

J.C.W. Martindale 

Drama, Jr. 

K. Duhhamel 

Grade 10 

B.W. Bowell 

Drama, Sr. 

N.A. Bledsoe 


Jamie Piddington Memorial Prh 


Reach for the Top, Jr. 

D.L.D. Cape 

P.E. 8 

H.L. Davies 

Grade 1 1 

E.N. de la Mare 

Reach for the Top, Sr. 

A.D.D. Cape 

Human Performance 12 

D.B. Thompson 

Grade 12 

T.A. Douglas 


Environment Club 

S.M.J. Davies 


J. Byun 
M.C Beatty 
E. Williams 

Outreach ,Jr. 
Outreach, Sr. 

The Lonsdale Trophy 


Search & Rescue 

P. M.S. Houghton 

The Hyde 

-Lay Trophy 

School / Renfrew 

Closing 2000 


Closing Day Awards 



Sportsmanship Cup 

M.T. McClure 

Junior The Geoffrey Fylton Mackie Memorial Prize 

Fall Term 
Winter Term 


School / Renfrew 

Pooley Cup 

J.J.A. Ulmer 

Fall Term JR. de Montmorency 
Winter Term D.J. B. Connolly 
Spring Term J. A. Scheske 

Spring Term 




' All Rounder 

P.N.I. Legun 

Senior The John Fylton Mackie Memorial Prize 

The Spirit of Copeman 's Trophy 

M.T. McClure 

Fall Term G. A. Martinez 
Winter Term N.C. Allison 
Spring Term J. J. A. Ulmer 


The Duxbury Crystal 

The John Fletcher LakePrize 

The C. W. Lonsdale Prize 

The Alexander Baillie Ripley Prize 

Groves 'House Trophy 

Kaye s House Award 

J.D. Howson 
P.N.I. Legun 
J. A. Copeland 
M.R. Allard 
L.J. Munday 
S.M.J. Davies 

Shawnigan Awards 

M.L. Griggs 
M.J. Hamilton 
M.E. Kean 
J.J.A. Ulmer 

Grade 8 D. S. Danychuk 
Grade 9 J.K. Brown 
Grade 10 H.Wong 
Grade 1 1 G. Housser 
Grade 12 M.A.Ritchie 

Renfrew House Award D. C. Neumann 
School House Award J. J. A. Ulmar 

The Seanna and Nicole Strongman 

Memorial Scholarships J.D. Tinker 

E.C. Springgay 

Stag A v 


S.K. Joslyn 
S.M. Maitland 
K.P. McDaniel 

Head Student M. A. Ritchie 

The Hyde-Lay Scholarship 

E.W. Pheasey 

D.R.D. Parsons 


Junior H. Wong 
Senior P.N.I. Legun 

M.A. Ritchie 
Overall Winners H. Wong 

TIk Mary Hyde-Lay Scholarship 
The Chaplain s Award 
Donald Mcleod Anderson Award 

L.N. MacLean 
0. Mawjee 
N.C. Allison 

Mr. S.E. Cox 
Mr. S.A.S. Lane 
Mr. B. N. McGavin 

P.N.I. Legun 
M.A. Ritchie - 

Spirit of 1969 Award 

G.A. Martinez 

Graham L Anderson Trophy 

J.D. Howson 

Outgoing headmaster, Mr. Simon Bruce-Lockhart and his wife, Joanne, with new headmaster, Mr. D. Robertson and his 
wife, Lynnejoin the wife of Chairman of the Board, Mr. R. W. Murdoch, in applauding his speech. 


Closing 2000 

A Nighr Full op Vtondens... 

Ten lessons poK ihe FneseKvcmon op WondeK 

1. Chenisb innocence. Considers a child - a pouR-yeaR-old, say - wandeRing in ihe woods behind his home when he happens acRoss and mpam animal - a beaR 
cub, say, ok a wolf pup. Sepazared pRom rhe consimims of ihem paxems, borh CKearuKes may emeRTam xhe possibilny op fRiendship. WaTch ihe faces 
op children, Then, poR in ihem wondeR you will obseKve youK own pundamemal innocence. 

2. The Real banles in li/re Take place on T^e plains op y our own heaRT. Many Times, when you Think you've found an enemy, you've simply found a 
meTaphoK. - a face and a name in The physical would to Kepnesem issues of youx own pmvaTe woRld. If you work to find The wondeR m youR enemies, you 
may come to know yourself. 

3. TbeRe is wonden in family — in TheiR accepTance of our weaknesses and Them belief and pmde in our successes. Think, fOR example, op The family of 
Tfce man who mvemed T^e bagpipes. He came back fRom his woRkshop and played Them fOR his mom and dad and bROTheRS and sistcrs, and They said, 
unbelievably, "Its peRfecT, Angus. Dunnae change a Thing." 

4. TuRsue at leasT one haRmless gRail - a Round of golf ai paR, say, or a flawlessly played song; Twemy-five consecume pRee TbRows, or a peRfealy 
danced wahz, fOR even achievable gRails Remind us tIjat beamy Resides m Tbe puRsun, and in The momems when you Think, "Yes, This could be The day - 
when you'Re even paR apTCR 1 1 holes, or eigh baRS fRom heaven, you will exiST, if only pleeTingly, m a STaTe of gRace. 

5. Know Tbe iRony of wondeR as This: no amoum of fame or weahh can puRchase n, Though fame and weahh may make you an objecT of wondeR of 
OTheRS. WondeR is puRchased wnh The trust of an open beam and an innocem eye. 

6. If eveR you Take a long bus TRip, you may have The choice beTween wauhing a movie and looking out The window, look out The window. You can always 
RenT The video laTeR. But Thai paRTiculaR canvas op lighT and landscape will neveR again fall beneaTh T^e bRUsh of you and youR jouRney at tJmt 
paRTiculaR momem. SomeTimes, in youR caR, you will have a choice beTween music and silence. Mow and again, choose silence, fOR silence makes Room 
fOR youR music, and you neveR know whaT songs The comemplaiive mind migh sing. NaTURe haTes a vacuum, and adolescence haTes silence, buT n is 
open in T^e soilness Thai The heaRT collides wnh RevelaTion and The self emeRges. 

7. Be a spoRTS fan, nor a scoRes fan. If you aRe a scoRes fan, you may encouRage m youRself tIjc belief Thai it is acceprable to avoid all buT The 
highlighTS op life, and wondeR pResems nselp m The turm of The blade in The ice, T^e joy on The face of an aMeTe when he discoveRS Thai Tbe will op his 
body has amiapaTed The command op his mind, and in The momem just prior to The hghlighT Tape, when The AThleTe glimpses his oppoRTunny w dmea, 
fOR a single momem, The univeRse of The play. 

8. If you have The oppoRTunny, sooneR or laTeR, TRflvel, fOR nor only will you have cause to wondeR at The rituaIs and TRadnions of orheR peoples and 
culTURes, bm you discoveR a new appReciaTion fOR This cominem, wheRe we stiII encouRage The young to eTch dReams upon TheiR heaRTS and TRace a hpe 
on Top op Them. The wondeR is nor tJjat all dReams come TRue; The wondeR exiSTS m The fReedom op The dReam, poR TheRe aRe stiII places m This woRld 
wheRe hisTORy and ciRcumsTance have conspiRed to consTRain even The imagmaiion. 

9. Be paRT op an unselpish communny Thai you believe in, can commn to, and will work to advance - a pamily, a insmuTion, a cause, poR TheRe is 
wondeR wheReveR people suboRdmaTe Themselves to one op The eieRtial trutIis - beamy or love or jusTice or compassion or The pReseRva-non op ihe 
dignny op orheRS. 

10. One op The beauTies op humanny is This: when we look up imo The sky at mghT, we can see The stars as feuRmn^ balls op gas millions op miles and 
millions op yeaRS away, and we can aswmsh ouRselves wnh The loneliness op Thai. Or, as I Told my In class Recemly and pRomised I would say wnigfa, 
we can see The stars as holes WRn in The daRkness at The outskirts op The univeRse - tIjrou^ which The feRillianT eyes op The angels waich — m wondeR 
— as we make our way ... in wonoeR. 

- J.R. Connolly 

Grad 2000 24 

Canly OveRwn and Tony Cape 

Sanah O'Mahoney and Devon Thompson 

Britt French, Bethany Jones, Lmdsey McDonell and 
MeKednh Hamilron 

Akturo MaRimez and Molly Kean 

1 ^km Br* "'"* 

. ^^S)M»^^v_r^^^H 




Grarf 2000 

. . . And A Lot Morc 

Lindsey and Many cme snapped 
duKing an inienlude m rhe evening 

Alison and Maniy pose seducnvely 
pon ihe cameKa. 

TayloK and his daie enjoy rheiK. 

Jesse and Lindsey dance ihe mqhr 



Stephen, Artuko, Jamie and Coney 
ane Ready pon a mghr op celehn.ajwn. 

A beauvpul senile pmm Jen ligfas up 
the evening. 

Kaza and Paul enjoy dessem just 
bepone The Real panry begins 

Mr. Samuel seems to be pleased 
wnh how Things ane going. 

JusTin, Chaplin and Miguel sham the 
company op a beauvpul lady at 

Jon looks elegam m his evening 
am Re. 



More Teams ... 

Mr. J. Dor/and. D. Sche/lenberg, L. Nielsen, C. Yole, K. Gustavson, 
S. Peters, J. Sparks, J. Stewart, J. Pennington (cox). 

G. Birkbeck, 1. Cooper, P. Schwarz, D. Dakin, M. Bhalti, Mr. G. 
Loiselle, B. Walker. 

Back row: Mr. D. Austin, D. Danychuk, P. Chiang, E. Cheng, J. 
Brown, M.Smith, S. Buchanan, E. Y-T. Cheng, Mrs. L. Grass Middle 
row: T. Wills, D. Caulder, D. Garg, D. Denk, F. Chong, F. Dalrymple, 
K. Ro/ston, G.Johnstone Front row: J-Y Kwon, H. Davies, D. Campbell, 
D. Ngai, H. Wong, J. Poupard, N. Hill. 

Back: MrJ.Sarsfield, J.Connelly. T.TIwmpson, D.Daigle. H.Richer, A.Pocock, 
M. VanLeeuwen, E.Bouey. D.Macpherson, S.Zwickle. R.Cheek, Mr.R. Grass 
Middle: C.Renner, J.Copeland, K.Duhamel. L.Lugo. N.Kenyon. R.Brade, 
K.Brewer, M.Beatty. C.CheekV. Champ Front: D.Wilson, C.Link C.Seddon. 
M.Rutter. J. Neat, J.Lee. Z.Keshwani, W. Main. 

Mr. J. Borland, D. Schellenberg, C. Yole, S. Niemi, M. Phillips, 
J. Pennington (cox). 

Junior Cross-Country 



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